Should congress and the senate

Be able to participate in the stock market? I think this is a huge conflict of interest because they have the power to direct stocks.

Nancy Pelosi bought a bunch of Tesla stock just before she approved giving Tesla billions in federal funds. I believe they all do this and its a unspoken rule that they dont rat on eachother when it comes to this. Maybe its better that they cant buy stocks.

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  • It would be a hard rule or issue to enforce, because just like, "let's go Brandon", they will just get family members involved so they can deny having done anything wrong.

    Also only one party would get in trouble for it, because the media and Democrats won't do anything to their own. Republicans probably wouldn't either but they get forced to take action by the media.

    Any rules would have to apply at least to immediate and maybe extended family members.

    Best would to be make one fund that all politicians and their families could put their money in. With no control or knowledge over which stocks were held in that fund.

    Maybe that way they would work for the general good of their country.

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    • By law they have to expose their stock purchases within 45 days you can see them. Her portfolio is mostly full of the big woke corporations (like facebook, netflix, amazon) Big surprise there.

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      • I could care less what the snob witch does, because, as you said I believe they all do it.

        I'm not talking just in the USA. It's happening in Japan, Europe, Australia, everywhere. But that's what the world has come to. Being a politician is a ticket to getting rich. It's no longer a public service with few rewards and a high moral standard. It's a snakes paradise.

        There are so many kick backs, special interests money coming in, and rewards for voting certain ways.

        Unless you put the person in a locked box and no funds allowed to go in and out without expense/income claims for like ten years. It's not going to stop. Even with maximum control of their finances, they'll just funnel it through family members.

        No way to stop it unless you strip all money and rights from the giver as well as the receiver if they get caught. The punishment has to be enough of a deterrent not just a fine that is one tenth of what they made.

        Most people would take that deal. Give me $10000 illegally and if(if) I get caught I have to pay $1000 fine.

        Money is the root of all corruption!

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  • I've known a number of Representatives and Senators who put their investment portfolio in a blind trust when they take office; with periodic conversations about their general investment strategy.

    While they may know what stocks the owned going into office; they don't control or know of the changes until after they get out.

    That's the best way...

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  • If there wasn't money in government work, nobody would go into it. No one ever left political office poorer than when they went in. They are all just a bunch of devious thieves.

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    • Theres rules they follow with eachother too I think. I think republicans and democrats keep their mouths shut when it comes to corrupt lobbying and insider trading because they all do it. Its like a code of conduct. Like how cops dont go after eachother on some things congress wont either on some things. Because if they started it would bring them all down.

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  • buncha slimy fucks

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