She keeps saying men are leading her on

This girl in my class, I'm just gonna call her Kayla, is always getting crushes on different guys and becoming close with them. Normal stuff, but she does something completely unbearable when they reject her.

The first time it happened, Kayla liked this guy who I'll call Ian. She talked with him for half of the semester, and she had a huge crush on him. Ian told her very early on in their friendship that he had a crush on a different girl. Long story short, Kayla asks him out anyways and gets rejected. She then proceeds to tell everyone she knows that he "led her on and flirted with her all semester long" even though he literally TOLD her he wasn't interested.

In the most recent incident, she liked my friend who I'll just call Jay. Jay has a girlfriend. You see where I'm going with this? She talks to him constantly, he tells her casually in conversation that he has a girlfriend, never ever even coming close to flirting with Kayla. Then, of course, she drops him as a friend and tells everyone she knows that he led her on. Then, just to be REALLY annoying I guess, she convinces herself that I have a crush on him and that I'm only talking to him because I like him too. I think she's even told her friends that I'm the girlfriend. What the hell is going through this girls head?

She's being absolutely ridiculous in my opinion, but do y'all think it's normal for her to do this?

Edit: I talked to Jay and apparently not only did Kayla claim he was leading her on when he never did, she also somehow found his instagram and his girlfriends instagram and followed both of them and now she keeps stalking their accounts.

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  • She sounds really insecure. Telling everyone that he had led her on and flirted with her may have been an attempt to save face. Same with dropping that one guy and claiming that you have a crush on him too; she doesn't need to feel embarrassed whenever she's around him if she stops socializing with him altogether, and accusing you of having a crush on him might take the attention off her

    I'm not saying she's justified in any of what she's doing, she sounds pretty tiring. I've just found that, most of the time, if there's an alternative explanation to someone *intentionally* being annoying or offensive, then it's usually that other explanation

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  • She can sit and cry it's her problem

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  • I'd just drop her if I were you. The fact that she involved you in one of her delusions is a huge red flag.

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  • She sounds like a very self-obsessed, and narcissistic person who has a serious lack of insight.

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  • Just pathetic narcissism basically.

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