She called me racist for not wanting to date her

Shes a very needy, emotional, overly sensitive person who needs constant reassurance from everyone and for me that's a turn off, so I rejected her. She somehow managed to turn it into a race thing, accused me of being racist, and tried to convince others I was racist. I have no issues with her race, just her damn personality. Is this normal? This is not the first time something like this has happened to me with a person.

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  • She sounds like a psycho bitch, you were smart to reject her.

    Also, when it comes to dating, and as far as rejection is concerned you have the the right to reject anyone for any damn reason you please! You are not obligated to go out with anyone just because that person is interested in you. Bitches be crazy.

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  • I hate people that say people are racist for retarded shit like this say fuck you.

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  • What I would say to you is to count yourself lucky you found out she is like this now before you and her got into a commited relationship. She is behaving with an entitled attitude! You have every right to not date her. You are not racist. She just is bitter and hurt about the rejection. She will never have lasting relationships if she keeps this sort of behaviour up, the problem is her and a problem she needs to fix. She just wants to blame you because then she does not have to admit she is the problem and blaming you means she does not have to take responablity for her actions. I do understand that she does personally have problems to make her this way but the truth is she has to be the person to take responablity for them and for her own actions.

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  • Had similar. Met a very hot, extremely/porn-length long nailed, beautiful black woman one night at sports bar I go to. Chatted, it went well, and she had very pronounced, Jamaican-type looks and wow, fit body. She was also high maintenance, and stated, more than once, that she expected her man to pay for her vacations, which she went on every 2-3 months, and, trips to CA to see her college-aged son.

    I was interested, but..Don't do high maintenance nor would. We exchanged numbers and that was that. As we texted, she asked about vacation a few times, and I declined. One of her responses was "If you didn't want to date a black woman, you shouldn't have pursued me", which became an accusation of I didn't want her b/c she was black and very Jamaican. I ended up saying, directly, no, it's because you're a gold digger who only wants cash from men. Had nothing to do with race.

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  • sorry for you

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