Sex on cocaine

So basically my drug of choice is cocaine and maybe once or twice in a year I'll do mdma or a couple pills.i get super horny long story less long I met a woman one night white with a thick round ass she doesn't drink or anything but doesn't care that i do the sex is insane I only see her when I'm buzzing it's been going on for almost 4 years now I've only slept with her a hand full of times sober and find it so much better when I'm on stuff as I can really let go and I can tell she prefers it to

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  • I love doing coccinellids then having my 2 male dogs take turns fucking me really hard and deep with there massive cocks in my ass and pumping their hot cum deep inside me over and over and making me moan as they both fuck me for hours and hours making me take there whole cock deep inside my ass and knotting me and making me be there fuck toy

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  • So I love cocaine as well and when on it all I wanna do is sex or play with my toys. It’s fun and normal as long as it’s in moderation

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