Sex competition commentary

I sometimes wonder what a sex competition commentary would sound like.

The commentary wording is all there in my imagination, "Here comes Dick. He's stroking it. Boy it still looks as hard as OOK nails. Brianna has her legs wide open now. She looks confident to take Dick all in. Dick makes no hesitation entering her pink canoe, he's expeditious this one..."

But I wonder what the commentator would actually have to sound like, the overall tone, the inflection when one of the participants is about to orgasm, for example.

Is this normal?

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  • go get laid

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  • The name Howard Cosell just popped into my mind

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  • Hahaha you should make a video like that and put it on pornhub. One time I came across a channel on there where this dude edited fart noises into videos. It was kinda funny

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