Self destruction

Is it normal at a young age to be at a point in your life where you've fucked up so much and you've done so many things you never should've done that almost every single day is full of constant attempts to destroy your self esteem and confidence almost on impulse? The last year has been nothing but me beating myself senseless over things I cannot change about myself. My looks, my past, my way of thinking... It just gets so tiresome. To the point where I can't even get out of bed

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  • Been there done that. It can get better. It doesnt seem like it now. Just dont off yourself and hang in there.

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    • Yeah life eventually gets better. Keep on fighting cause death will eventually kill you but living for one more day is like giving the finger to the universe.

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  • You need to get help

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  • Normal but NOT OK. Do not stay alone! You do not have to be the best, you are just a soul in a dying body, and that body helps you experience earth around you! You do not have to exist for anyone. But at least do one tiny thing, like brushing your teeth; it is over 100% more than doing nothing. I do not like how you are going through this so young. How old are you? Please pull through.

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  • Yeah. Self-loathing sucks balls. What done is done for sure but the memory of fucking up will keep lingering in mind. I know how you feel. I always seek company and reassurance from people who are very closed to me and understand me very well. It's the only way I can restrain from beating up my own ass. Then, I tried to improve from whatever parts that I fucked up even though it's difficult. So find your own coping mechanism and best solution, OP. Hope you're getting better.

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