Seen a moving shadow

I was sitting on my front porch and thought I seen a dark, formless shadow move really quickly and it bumped the wind chimes so I know I seen it. It was very calm outside no wind whatsoever but as it passed the chimes they struck and made noise. The strangest part was a couple hours earlier the horses were completely spooked-running around and kicking eachother...just not normal behavior for them. I wonder if this thing I saw had anything to do with their behavior?

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  • I'm sorry, but that doesn't sound normal...

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  • I thought there is logical explanation for everything well, this is beyond

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  • Burn some white sage around the corners of your house! As You picture a protection bubble around it!!! In your mind and send prayers of protection good health serenity and anything else you may want for your home.

    Lie down salt around the doorways and windows if it gets really bad!

    Then seek help!

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  • I also saw a shadow 2 years ago, that landed on a mirror... And when you mentioned horses gone wild it instantly reminded me of my cat few years ago. I've never seen anything like it before, the cat freaked out, out of totaly calm moment when he was cuddling. First the scary look to the right side of my head, then the growling, more intense growling as he was looking in many directions... Then striking the scary pose and bumping in the mirror over and over. What is going on?!

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  • Correlation isn't causation. It's possible for your horses to just have an off night at the same time a shadow is lurking. If you're more worried on the spiritual end, your shadow did the demon equivalent of head butting the sharp end of an axe so I wouldn't worry either way. So if it was evil, no worries now.

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