Seeing violet light n billions of white dots

I have seen these spots and colors since childhood. Now it seems that these billions of dots cause my vision to fade and nothing seems solid. I can see with eyes open or closed.

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  • Far out dude. Where did you cop that good shit?

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  • that´s not normal though it is doooope af that´s amazing woah

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  • Mescaline. The only way to fly. I'm a hashish eater myself.

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  • You should probably see a doctor.

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  • I believe the mind has no boundaries or limits. This has been proven in Tibetan Buddhism where the lamas who are accomplished meditators can control many things both internal and external to their body. As humans are evolving I believe this is a forward step for mankind. These abilities have been around since mankind came into being. Opions please.

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