Seeing street signs, at the same time hearing on the radio

Sometimes I hear a odd name on the radio/ exctacly at the same time, I see a street sign with the same words . It's getting more than coincidental

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  • There are no coincidences. Some schools of thought maintain that the more synchronicity you experience, the more 'in tune' with the frequency of the universe you are. I don't know if I necessarily believe that, because I've experienced intense episodes of negative synchronicity, and I definitely didn't feel in tune with the universe.

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  • Could be confirmation bias, meaning that you only take notice of it when what you hear on the radio matches up with what you see on a sign. Think of all the other times when these two don't match up.

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  • Stop yelling! Does this happen to you too?

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  • its just that a coincidence

    how often do yall NOT hear somethin meaninful and coincidental? like all the time?

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