Scratches on my arm when i wake up

I think I've had this issue for a very long time now. I would wake up to find scratch marks, sometimes rather long ones, on my arm or even my leg shortly after waking up. I don't have any pets and I never have, and I generally don't go out much either. Today I see 3 scratch lines parallel to each other on my left arm and I'm kinda freaking out.


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  • If you are stressed out or have anxiety, you can scratch yourself in your sleep and not know about it.

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  • Is it regular? I dunno, does it happen on a regular basis? If it happens on a regular basis it just might be a regular thing.

    I think you want to try asking is it Normal.

    It's probably not normal to wake up with scratches on your body regardless of whether or not it happens on a regular basis.

    Maybe rats are crawling under the covers with you at night to get warm? ...but maybe not? Maybe something else?

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  • It can be possible that you scratched yourself in a dream, but I say don't worry. Try some warm milk and meditation before sleep. :)

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