Sciatica affecting anus when wiping, no feeling when taking a dump

It doesn't matter if I have a solid stoole or loose, I can't feel it when I take a dump, or feel it when I wipe. I have to look at the TP to see if I actually pooped. If I have, I wipe till I'm raw. I also have issues with my 'hemorrhoids' coming out, squirting blood in the toilet. I've been told I have a 'U' shaped colon that has fallen in the cavity where I had a hysterectomy, and IBS. Told to use Fibor to straighten the 'U' out. I've done this, but doesn't seem to help. I have Sciatica Nerve issues and wonder if this isn't some of the issue? Anyone else?

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  • You have a real shitty problem there

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  • I bet you wouldn't be posting if the sciatica was on your forearm or foot. Maybe your anus & rectum will fall from your body in knotted bloody clumps the next few times you defecate :)

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  • I doubt very much if this has anything to do with sciatica and you need to get something done about those hemorrhoids - why the quotation marks, by the way? Isn't that what you actually have, and if so, what are you treating them with? They won't go away by themselves, you know.

    Why do you wipe until you're raw? That can't be good for your poor old anus, now can it? If you want to be clean, get some of those unscented baby wipes but please, don't flush them down your toilet even if they say they're "flushable" unless you want big plumbing bills down the track. Or you could just have a good wash after you poo.

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    • I think this person is saying that he or she wipes that hard/much because they can't feel their anus, or something along these lines. Obviously if it was painful they wouldn't do it.

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  • I let my dog lick my asshole clean.

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