Samsung s8 wont connect cellular towers

So my samsung s8 recently decided to not connect to the cell towers and it is really, really frustrating. Mainly because texts can be recived but not sent. As well as being effectively dead in the water until I get a wifi signal (and even that it drops randomly for no particular reason)

I tried googling the issue to no avail, went to the cell phone store and they fixed the problem (for it to go back to being a problem in an hour)

I took out my SIM card and then placed it back in. Didnt work. Reset my phone, didnt work. soft reset my phone. Didnt work. Wiped my cellular cashe. Didnt work. Reset the wifi and bluetooth networks. Didnt work.

My phone has take zero damage from the last time it had a check up for a smashed screen and that was months ago.

I just want it to work again without having to fork over another 400$

Started running again. Thanks for the suggestions!

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