Same mind set

Hi guys. So I met this guy on social media and we chatted for 2 weeks. We had an instant connection and thought we had to meet. So after the 2 weeks we met and spend the weekend together and I had this amzong feeling with him, something I have never felt and I jave been in a few relationships through out my life, I'm 24 now. So we decided to be in a relationship and it's been 3 weeks since the weekend we met. We think exactly the same things at the silame times (it has happened a million times), when the one thinks something the other one can actually feel them thinking it. We had this experience where we were making out and we both were imagining it as our first kiss and later on like we were in highschool and so on. Exactly at the same time. The love is stronger then any feeling I have had in my life and he feels the same. I'm just interested to know if anyone else has experienced this and what your stories are :)

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