Roughly what is this job worth per hour?

The worker is no slacker , he really does work hard for every moment on the clock.

Installing bamboo on the walls in an unconventional way

-pull the bamboo reed out of the premade fencing
-Brad-nailing each piece to the wall one at a time
_cut to proper length in areas where needed
sometimes working in cramped positions to do areas that have limited room
must make sure they are roughly level
each one is a quarter of an inch to a tenth of an inch wide so it takes time to fill a wall
each piece does require quite a few brad nails to hold it in place
sometime needs to hammer brad nails that don't lay flush

roughly giving or taking $2 in either direction from the options above what is this work worth

location- COLORADO

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  • $30hr

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  • you asked me the same thing.
    No one gives a shit what you pay except people working for you.

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    • just wanna thank you all for all the great help, definitely helped make the choice easier, I decided to pay them $20 an hour because i wanted to be nice, but you guys brought up some good points and i appreciate you sharing your thoughts. thanks again, cheers! :)

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  • I put $15.
    While it is true that it is not a skilled job, it takes some physical work which eliminates a lot of people.
    $10.20 is minimum in Colorado but that means someone could work a cash register and do practically NO actual work for minimum.

    Even though Colorado has a decent minimum of $10.20, that is not even close to enough to live on, unless they go to Pueblo and rent some squathole in the projects but even there rent is up just because of this stupid pot legalization.

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  • It's a minimum wage job. Doesn't require any special skills, doesn't require taking responsibilities, it's a basic thing you do with your hands and is learnable quickly... I say 10 bucks an hour. In Germany the minimum wage is 8.50 Euros an hour... That's what I'd pay for a job like that.

    I pay the guys that do the field work at my cleaning/ gardening company 9 Euros an hour.
    The secretary gets 13 Euros an hour.

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    • How do you keep employees at 9 an hour for doing field work? Around the USA, the only time one sees that is if it's illegals out there working for straight cash.

      Are your workers illegals from other nations or are they just that big of suckers to work in a field for near minimum?

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      • Nobody pays more for cleaning, gardening, clearing snow, working outside (field work). They are jobs for people without skills and especially without language skills, who have no choice but to work for little money.

        My workers are mostly Bulgarian and Romanian. They'll work even for the bare minimum of 8.50... I pay 50 cents more, they are actually happy about it.
        Occasionally I also buy them a case of beer, so after work they can enjoy a drink. And the way to a poor Eastern European's heart is through drink.

        My secretary gets around the norm for the work she does.
        Also don't forget, stuff like rent and paying the bills is more affordable in Germany than in the US. You could find a decent apartment for 2 for 400-600 Euros. If you get 1200 Euros a month (after tax), you pay the bills and you have at minimum another 400 for living. It's not luxury living, but it's not poverty either.

        BTW: If I could get away with illegals, I'd do it, not pay social security, or health benefits, straight cash - 800 Euros a month and keep the rest, but laws in Germany are very strict when it comes to jobs and taxes...

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        • It sounds kind of similar to the USA except the apartment situation would be more like a one person place in some shit hole neighborhood.

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  • While the job is a little fiddly, it's unskilled and it's not strenuous.

    Doesn't minimum wage usually apply in cases like that? A quick Google indicates that's $10.20 per hour in Colorado. Obviously, whether or not you'll get someone to work for that depends on the local labour market.

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  • how many other people can do the same thing? how much practice does it take to do the job?

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