Religion celebrates the misery of life.

So okay. If you go to church, you are confronted with a message which is, Jesus died a horrific death. Your life is not that miserable. Suck it up and accept the less miserable situation you live in. Give thanks for your crown of thorns, and be grateful for your misery you miserable bastard. It could be worse.

Is this normal?

Is It Normal?
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  • I disagree. Churches are social organizations. Hot couples go to church because it is well known that the best swingers are highly selective churchgoers. For example, I hooked up with a couple that wanted me to help them with a threesome. After they started fucking, I lubed up my cock and popped it into her winking anus. To add humorous debauchery to the event, I wore my google glasses with springs that make the lenses wobble. We all chuckled about our naughtiness.

    Miserable? Hardly.

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  • I am so miserable that I puke my guts when I see myself in a mirror. Yes churches are houses of misery, but the hypnotic chants, and strange organ music are comforting. Churches help miserable souls like me by comforting us. Our depression becomes tolerable. We realize that happy people are out of touch with reality. Heaven is peaceful detachment.

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  • Jesus wasn't the only one who suffered a horrific death.

    In fact, there have been billions of others who have suffered in horror. There are billions of people alive today who are suffering from horror, many needlessly.

    Before you finish reading this, some will have died a miserable and horrific death (they were still alive when you started reading this).

    Why don't you give it up, and stop worrying about the problems of millenia ago, and start worrying about fixing the many problems that exist in the world today, that is causing misery, suffering and horror?

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    • People will pay big bucks to avoid misery, suffering, and horror. This is a highly profitable business area. Remember that it is important to let a few lower income people die. These people serve as examples to prevent the others from whining about high prices.

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  • Life itself does that too though

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