Red lobster has gotten disgusting

Every time I've eaten there over the past couple of years, the food has been disgusting, like something out of a TV dinner. The seafood portions are also really small now. They used to be pretty good, what happened?

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  • I think they changed owners in 2016, and they probably have gotten cheaper ingredients.

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  • Yeah, the price they charge for the portions they give really stink. My boyfriend still likes the place though. XD

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  • Good seafood is very expensive these days; and Red Lobster is forced to use cheaper product and smaller sizes just to keep their menu's in the affordable range for their client base.

    Now if you don't mind spending $20-$40 more per meal (per person)... there is always a really good restaurant that does seafood right in an area with a Red Lobster.

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  • Very true! I don't eat there that often but I ate there for the last time in a long time last year and oh my goodness. Terrible.

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  • i tried like hell to like lobster and never could

    the meat is gross & rubbery and the things look like cockroaches

    and i hung out with people in the business so i coulda got all i wanted for free

    red lobster always looked like a sad place to me ive never been in one

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  • They started freezing their lobster to be able to keep them over the slow periods during the pandemic. That makes them tasteless when you cook them from frozen. I don’t eat there anymore.

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