Recurring nightmares about forgetting to buy gifts for mom

For 2 years now ive had recurring nightmares about how its my moms birthday and I havent gotten her anything so I start to panic inside while my brother brings out his gift and thinking if I can sneak off to the store to get something fast, or that its christmas and I have forgotten to christmas shop and all the stores are closed. I feel like a horrible person in those dreams and wake up with lots of guilt feelings. I have never forgotten to buy a gift in real life so what does this mean???

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  • Freud would have a field day with this one. But I feel the same way with some of my dreams. Are you used to feeling guilty or ashamed when you don't meet your mom's standards or expectations? Does your mother take care of you, or is it you that has to take care of her instead? In case you take care of your mother; is it only recently due to her aging or has this dynamic always been skewed?

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  • It just means you love your mom. It sounds like a typical anxiety dream to have. I still have dreams about forgetting assignments in high school. I'm 27.

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  • If this is your recurring nightmare then you're probably a lovely person

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