Recommend me some songs

My playlist is too dry so I thought maybe ask people on this site if they have recommendations.

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  • Can neber go wrong with sabaton

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    • +10 respect...

      Sabaton rock!

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    • Ye boi!!!! Sabaton are based a fuck.

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      • Hell yea! I've had the dead men die again song stuck in my head all week

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        • Dead men die again is awesome, but I got Bismarck on repeat! Having driven boats and a river ship, I can almost imagine how awesome it must be to order "All ahead flank" on a 50000 ton warship... All that magnificent machinery operating in perfect harmony.
          A mechanical orchestra unlike any other.

          12 super-heated boilers generating steam, powering 3 turbines, making almost 150000 horsepower, propelling the ultimate steel leviathan of the Kriegsmarine to 31 knots!

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  • Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsalm (not for everyone)
    Daft Punk - Voyager
    Aphex Twin - Avril 14th
    Led Zeppelin - Ramble On (one of my favorite rock songs)
    Gorillaz - Rhinestone Eyes
    Gorillaz - Stylo
    Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill

    I also like some videogame soundtracks, I know it's probably not your thing but here:
    Beneath The Mask (Persona 5) (super nice acid jazz)
    Phantom (Persona 5)
    Beautiful Lie (Danganronpa V3) (underrated if you ask me)
    Minish Village (TLOZ: Minish Cap)

    I sincerely apologize if my taste in music is awful and I've wasted your time.

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  • Whiskey Lullaby - Brad Paisley feat. Alisson Krauss
    Watch Over You - Alter Bridge
    Winner - Tim Akkerman
    Ghost Love Score - Nightwish
    Utopia - Within Temptation feat. Chris Jones
    Strong - After Forever
    Tangled Up In You - Staind
    Lips Like Morphine - Kill Hannah
    Roots - Spunge
    Heartbeats - José González

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  • Check out Broadcast's stuff. Black Cat, Look Outside, America's Boy.

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  • brooklyn by theo katzman

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  • Swervedriver - Duress
    Swervedriver - Ravedown
    Mogwai - Nick Drake
    Daughter - Medicine
    Monster Magnet - Bummer
    Three Litre - Downhill


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  • What's your preferred music genre(s)?

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  • If you want music for drinking and partying, listen to this:

    Bulgarian chalga 24/7. This is the type of thing I listen to while on vacation at the beach with a drink almost always by my side.

    If you want sick metal, give "Beast in Black" a try. Really badass, those facemelters are fire!
    Note: Do not listen to Beast in black in car, you will get a speeding ticket... I got one.
    Another very underrated metal band - WASP!

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  • You should listen to some Jim Croce. "You Don't Mess Around with Jim" is a really good one.

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  • Wrap it up- whitey

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  • Weather Man - Valley Of Wolves.
    Help Me Faith (Choir Version) - The Hope county Choir.
    Hustler - Zayde Wolf
    K.Flay - High Enough
    Urban Country - Gonna Need a Grave
    AHTCK - Drop the bomb

    Just a few from different genres. Feel free to judge me.

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  • Well I've been listening to Wings all day today. I'm surprised their songs aren't all that well known. I'd recommend their following songs:

    Love is Strange
    C Moon
    Let me Roll it
    Helen Wheels
    Magneto and Titanium Man
    Silly Love Songs

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  • trigger-Anne Marie
    Alan Walker Different World (Full Album)
    Fatrat-unity and monody
    Legends Never Die-Chrissy Costanza

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