Recommend me some books

Just canceled audible and the bastards said by the 20th all my credits get erased even tho I paid for them. I need to get 7 books by the 20th. Anything interesting?

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  • Sirena is a fun tale involving the Trojan war (in a loose way)

    The Foreshadowing by Marcus Sedgewick tells about a girl who has premonitions. She also has a brother and it's during a war

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoos is intense over all three books

    Liminy Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events is fun and intense

    The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe series is great throughout all books

    The Firm and The Associate by John Grisham are more realistic, so are the Dragon Girl books

    I've read a lot of book with female leads, I wonder if that means anything

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  • To The Lighthouse

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  • Mine.

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  • 13 ½ Lives of Captain Bluebear. The best fantasy novel I've ever read, full stop.

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  • a confederacy of dunces

    cant say it enough

    set in mid 60s new orleans its main character it the original fat useless but superintelligent neckbeard that the whole stereotype is based on

    its sad and hilarious and makes you want to take a shower all at the same time

    with dozens of shady and virtuous new orleans people the storys many subplots come together in a masterful culmination of one outrageously scandalous night followed by a miraculous escape

    truly a great american novel and a sad story behind the publication

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