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I was born in 90 but I have very good memory of the 90s. I have even memories of my old house before we moved which would make me under 2! I told my parents the whole layout of the house and they affirmed that was the old house. I remember the stairs. The old cat. Conversations with my mom about fear of moving. The neighbor. I have really good memories of the entire 90s but not such good memory from 2004-2007. My wife does not have many memories of the 90s and she was born around the same time. Its really weird its like the 90s are just ingrained in my mind for some reason even tho i was young.

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  • I think it's pretty cool that you have such vivid memory from such a young age! My first memory was at age 2 in 1997, and I have random memories of things that happened in the late '90s, though they're mostly just short snippets in time. Every once in awhile I'll remember something in great detail that I haven't thought about in years, and it's like I'm there again; the smell of the place, how it looked, how I felt during that time, etc. It's weird, but cool!

    I know other people who have very little memories from before 10 or so. I can't imagine that, since I have so many memories from before that age that defined my childhood!

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  • I remember the 1970s.

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  • Wow!


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