What do you guys think that might happened to the souls of those mass murderers ? like Pablo Escobar, serial killers, son of Sam, Charles Manson, Hitler.

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  • What happens to their souls depends on what kind of life they lead.

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  • You are born, live your life then you die. The end. There's nothing else. Thanks for playing.

    Humans are the only organisms on the planet who know that someday we will die so people invented religion to provide an afterlife if you were a good person in this one. Some people are terrified of dying but I'm not. I have lived a good life and have pretty well done my bucket list so I'll pass away content.

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  • I think they keep living on in another life actually. Not aware of their terrifying pasts. Some people go to people that says what they were in their other life. When the person says who they was its said that the you will get some kind of deja vu feeling.

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  • Their spirits will never die

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    • they stay strap in a time frame where the soul can't rest, I guess or something like that. I guess.

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