Random short piece of hair

I have a random short piece of hair that I dont even know how to part because its sort of in the middle like an extremely thin bangs. I had full bangs like 5 years ago and this piece of short hair is new and unrelated to that. They lay straight down and go down to my eyes. I can part it to the side but it does not lay very nicely or blend in well. I dont know if I should cut it off or what but I guess probably not..... I've cut my own hair for many years. Maybe it's time to stop I dont know. I have not tried to cut bangs on myself though I swear. I dont know why this is. My hair is not broken off I have very healthy hair I never dye it or use products or heat or anything.

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  • Is it baby hair? You can get that even when you look after your hair well.

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  • I definitely wouldn't recommend cutting it off, as you'll eventually have to go through the same phase it's in now, plus a random bald/very short spot would look way worse. I think in most cases, a small piece of hair that looks like bangs looks intentional and face-framing. My advice would be to be patient with it as it grows out, and maybe do something like braid it in with a piece of hair in the front, pin it to another section of hair with a bobby pin, or use some hairspray/gel/etc. if it bothers you.

    I had a random short piece in the back of my hair several years ago, which was about chin-length while the rest of my hair was below my shoulder blades. Luckily I have curly/wavy hair, so it was pretty well camouflaged. The only explanation I have for what I believe happened is that my cat chewed it off, as he always loved to play with my hair while I was in bed at night, and I caught him chewing on it a few times. He was quite the character, and I miss him like crazy though!

    I also agree with SwickDinging that it could very well be new baby hairs coming in. I have the same situation right now; several about-bangs-length baby hairs (only because my hair is wavy/curly, they are crazy and I currently look like I stuck a fork in an electrical outlet. 🤣) I go through a phase like this every few years after I have a massive shedding phase, which I've gone through recently.

    I actually had some really weird baby hairs right in the middle of my forehead that were only about an inch and a half long back when I was in high school that bothered me so much. I decided to get thinner, wispier bangs, they blended in well with them, and I never noticed them again as I grew them out.

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  • Cut it if it bothers you that much

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