Rag week eating

My wife and me have a great relationship in every way, but we having a few problems.

I want my wife to get a strap on and peg me - i love her fingers in my ass and the magic she does up the backway - to take it to a new level of multi-hole magic.

On the other hand, my wife wants me to eat her out when she is on the rag - and i mean take her plug out and get me working her pussy outer and inner.

I'm no vampire, and she tells me she is "too inhibited" for pegging, but... if i get over myself re: bloody pussy, she might be able to get over herself.

Am i normal for not wanting a "blood transfusion" from the woman i love?

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  • You should take out her tampon and use it to make
    period tea.

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  • red wings, son!

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  • god tells us to stay away from blood man and i got no problem following orders

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  • if you give her want she wants, she will return the favor!!

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    • Well... funny you should say that. Last night my wife had a joint and beer waiting for me after work (unusual, it not being being a friday).

      Well, i soon got over myself, pulled the plug and started eating, and goddammitt it WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Crimson tide has this really quite interesting aluminium flavour, and there was no spotting on the sheets either. I loved it she loved it, then she pulled out a strap on, lube and went for it! OH SWEET BELOVED ASSMASTER JESUS!!!!!!!!

      You repressed vanilla lite douche bags have got to try this! Fuck this am i normal bullshit! You can't fake a boner!!!!!!

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  • Yesterday, 3000 men and women were injured due to drunk posting.

    Don't drink and post.

    -A message from the government of IIN

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  • Sigh, Dude its actually kind of dangerous. The blood down there is the shedding of skin and shit its not normal blood. U can get shit just from fucking the red tide let alone eating tomato soup.

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