Radio hosts are the most obnioxious

Why are radio hosts so fucking annoying? All they do is talk loudly over each other about the most boring braindead things possible, and laugh hysterically at their own "jokes". They strike me as genuienly dumb, like they most likely did not even graduate high school and if they did (because I suppose you need some sort of degree to get a job as a radio host nowadays) they must have cheated on every single test. I feel second hand embarrassment for the narcissistic, loud, and stupid people who work in radio. Do they have zero self awareness or shame? Imagine hanging out with one of those people in real life... God what a nightmare. Someone who never ever shuts up, completely lacks a filter and is obsessed with their own voice and laughing unnecessarily loud at everything they say. There has been a few decent radio hosts but most of them are torture.

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  • It's likely because they have to avoid "dead air" as much as possible, so they end just BS-ing and yelling. Same thing with morning and daytime talk show people on TV. It's like these people are all psyched out on coke (they probably are tbh)

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    • This, yeah. I wish they would use dead air more often, honestly. Whoever manages those radio stations just hires whoever has a motor mouth because they never want dead air. Maybe peppy, hyper people make for better metrics. I don't really understand it.

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  • I share your opinion.
    I get pissed listening to Sirius Radio (which you have to subscribe to) and some jackass is prattling on about some personal anecdotes between songs. I'm not paying to listen to their bullshit I want to hear music.
    Then they think they're special because they're "On Air Personalities". Shut the fuck up & play the music Dammit!

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  • Get spotify or another music app...

    Radio is free, they got to make money one way or another. Sure they are annoying but you got to cut in every once in a while to tell people what wacky station they are listening to and sponsored by.

    By the way the wacky hosts are almost exclusively for mainstream music listening. I tune into the classical radio on occasion and they are the most melo people imaginable. Giving a sentence of explanation on the next song, who wrote and who plays it, maybe an advert on how to donate. Classical music is the most milquetoast genre

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  • Well I’m a radio host, so no you’re not normal. Of course you should like me.

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