Racist/sexist jokes okay?

is it racist to make generally offesive memes/jokes? like "whats the similarity between black people and apples? they both hang on trees!" is that an okay joke to make if you find racism/sexism/anykindofism horrible? (clearly not irl but like in discord channels that allow it and no rules servers)

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  • Any kind of joke should have no restrictions.

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  • Depends~
    1.Would you tell the joke in person to a person that it would offend? If not then don't hide behind social media and tell it.
    2. Is the joke just purely racist or actually funny? All parties have to find it funny, even though ofcourse some won't but for the most part is it a legit joke.
    3. If you dish the joke be fully capable of receiving whatever comes your way. Can't serve it and not be able to recieve the repercussions 😊

    Social media gives ppl security but if it happens in person the one who started is mostly the one ready to play victim 🤷🏽‍♀️

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  • But like, that’s not funny. Do you have a funny joke?

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  • Where's the option for, "that joke was lame"?

    My thing isn't about whether, or not a joke is racist, sexist, and or politically correct. I just happen to only appreciate jokes that I find funny. It's a very personal, and subjective thing though, and it's pretty much all relative to who's listening. I don't fake laugh at jokes that I don't find funny regardless of whether the jokes are clean, and G-rated, or dirty, racist, sexist, or whatever.

    Sure, either everything is fair game, or nothing is, but it still depends on who is listening, and there is still the matter of things like tone, inflection and timing. Timing is a big one!

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  • It really depends on the intent and the audience. I’ve told funny race jokes to friends of a different race and they take it fine, because they know it’s all in fun. It’s not ok to tell them to people you don’t know or with the intention of hurting someone.

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  • Yeah, but it has to actually be a joke. Just saying racist or sexist things with no punchline dies not make you funny it makes you look retarted.

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  • Jokes are jokes! People should really get those sticks out of their asses and get a sense of humor.

    What do you call a flight with all black passengers? Con air.

    What's the difference between a feminist and Hitler?
    Both were good at starting wars, only difference was Hitler knew when to kill himself afterwards.

    If women ran the world we wouldn't have any wars. We wouldn't have world peace either... Just a bunch of jealous countries not talking to each other.

    What is the insensitive bit at the base of the penis called?
    A man.

    I was also gonna make a joke about muslims, but those always blow up in your face.

    I can keep going! XD

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  • Fuck call out culture and cancel culture, anyone who indulges in it is a piece of trash

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  • problem today is everyone is offended by something, people need to grow up and overlook the racist thing, after all everyone is bias about something, that does not make you bad, just human. I am offend by a lot of things, but that is not going to change the general public, if someone offends me i just avoid them or that situation if someone tells a joke that offends you, tell them so in a nice way if they snub or dont get the message, move on to more understanding people

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  • Well the current trend certainly seems to be "if you make racist/sexist jokes then you're racist/sexist" with the exception if you're a misogynist or racist against white people. Those two exceptions are not only okay, most websites and streaming platforms make an overt effort to push that content front and center

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  • It’s okay, but you need to know the right time and place, have the right content and have the right audience and have the right delivery to land the joke properly.

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  • there is to many snowflakes now with no sense of Humber

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  • If theyre the only topics you find humorous then it may be time to ask yourself why you find offensive humour funny. I think offensive humour is cheap and not at all funny to me but to each their own.

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  • fuckinh hell i did not expect so many banger jokes when i posted this lmao, thanks to everyone who voted for ending a debate between me and my friend (:

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  • Either everything is funny or nothing is funny

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