Racist dreams

Just wondering if this happens to others but, you know how we have dreams but most people never recall having a cellphone in said dreams even though we use them daily? How come my dreams only include white NPC’s? I cant ever recall dreaming where the skin colors were different shades. Yes I have had dreams where the facial features were asian like or such, but never skin tone…

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  • i dream about a paraplegic transsexual midget philippino eskimo once a year so my diversity quota is fulfilled

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  • If you live in a predominantly white or predominantly non-black area it’s going to be pretty normal. Dreams can only use faces you’ve seen before and memorize enough to recreate

    Our brains are lazy categorizers, when we meet new people our brain is going to pick the first thing that ‘pops out’ , like a scar, tattoo, deformity, any point of specialty, and that’s how we are going to recognize more “unimportant people” until they become more relevant to us.

    If it’s rare for you to have to acknowledge people of a different race, you may be subconsciously lazy in memorizing a face past just remembering someone as “the *blank* one”. Not enough info to create an NPC with, so the brain just sticks to what it knows.

    I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily “racist” as much as it’s just lazy and subconscious bias. If it bothers you enough, you could watch a show with an all black cast

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    • Im not really bothered or concerned, just find it odd that I live in a very diverse city yet never really see people of color pop up in my dreams

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  • Lmao, you bigot!

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