Racism today

Since blacks are the largest demographic to not get vaccinated does that make vaccine mandates racist?

This is logic always used against right wing politicians. For example enforcing drug laws is considered racist because alot of blacks go to jail for doing drugs. Or giving loans based off credit is racist because black people have bad credit and its apparently a big conspiracy.

Why is it always the left wingers that make the laws that indirectly hurt blacks and then point the finger and say the other side is doing a huge conspiracy?

Biden wrote the crime bill in the 90s that gave blacks longer sentences for cocaine but its somehow the conservatives fault for enforcing that law. Its always a double standard I cant stand watching politics anymore. We should just nuke the entire USA.

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  • I agree with that we should just nuke the entire USA. Didn't really bother to read the rest

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  • Cheering for the crowd here.

    I dont think theres any particular group here in IIN that actually thinks the mandates is actually effective for their original purpose. Or they are so inundated with whatever lord and saviour fauci has to say that they can pick out the real numbers for the effectiveness and how ill fitting the mandates are to an already how highly goverment suspicious the average american citizen is.

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