Quite of a trivial question, but can weed make you crazy long term?

By long term crazy I mean, a person who has a developed a mental health condition in which he persistently and daily experiences symptoms that most often are accompanied by a short lived 'high' or the adverse possible effects following panic, racing heart, or derealizations, and various delusions that persecute the person and visions in which misinterprets simple objects or a mere not relevant shadow as an entity of persecution and perpetration that involves paranoia. I have never found a single source except articles that debate that the relationship between schizophrenia and marijuana in particular are debated and that case studies as ones fitting my description are too trivial and there's no enough information. However of most psychiatrists that I have had check ups with have said that with my personal history it's not recommended for me to use, specifically for me. As far with my opinion and feelings regarding this plant and the by products, i'm not too afraid of it, or being around it, or having a very occasional partake of it except that I prefer to stay sober that way, unless I have medical qualifications and I don't really have as much, and psychiatry part in most countries is a disqualification , except maybe for california from 1996, and now that it's legal for recreational use, with separate medical dispensaries that people buy with a license and recommendation of which strains and how much, when. Either way around, if too long to read, just skip to the last line. Any genuine cases of people you have seen go mentally insane or crazy in which the feelings didn't stop to haunt the person?

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  • Yes, weed can make you crazy long term, there are schizophrenics who experience similar symptoms to the entire list, it's normal for illegal drugs to do that, staying sober on just wine will certainly help with your schizophrenia, but too much wine makes you a childish idiot, I've seen the results of my man Paul Hughes, when before he was a sane drinker before too much alcohol was poisoning his brain.

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    • Actually for the irony of seeking some kind of a twist or a hot story telling time in midst of the woods when the owls and bat flush the sky, I'm seeking a more concrete, scientific approach, linking long term and persistent psychosis , aka in more recognized words "crazy", however from numerous internet and other accessible to me information, there hasn't been a very well learned and yet coherent relationship between marijuana and schizophrenia, yet that doesn't define a clear line for possible ill adverse effects like rocket science, but that doesn't indicate that the risk is not there.

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