Questioning intellect

You can tell someone something that is a fact and not an opinion. If they do not want to believe it they may say "you are a conspiracy theorist" then you can provide them real verified video evidence of your claim. You could even provide them their own source to prove to them the video is real. And they will turn their head and say "Im not watching it this is crazy"

I will say this is a big problem with democracy I say this even though I do believe in democracy it's the best system for us in my opinion. The simple fact is many people will believe what they want to believe. I don't like to question peoples intellect for it I believe its much worse than that they are stupid. I think being closed minded is much worse than being stupid.

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  • Opposite too. Conspiracy theorists do not believe in nor acknowledge facts and science unless it fits their agenda.
    I'm all for conspiracy but everything isn't made up.

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    • You said "conspiracy theorists do not believe in nor acknowledge facts" I have 2 questions for you because you are speaking in absolutes.

      1. Has a conspiracy theory EVER been right in history?

      2. Also, if there was video evidence of it happening is that even a conspiracy theory?

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      • 1. Yes. Multiple times during the covid times.

        2. Yes it can still be a conspericy theory since the other side can claim its doctored.

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        • But what I have experienced with people is even if the other side claims the video is real people say its a conspiracy theory.

          An example is telling someone about operation northwoods they will say they dont believe it and its a conspiracy theory however you can find the report on any mainstream media outlet or wikipedia. You could even choose their preferred media company and they will refuse to view it and claim it did not happen.

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  • It's very true that people believe what they want to believe, regardless of any proof that opposes their beliefs. They will find a way to dismiss anything, or simply refuse to acknowledge it. Not much you can do about it, unfortunately.

    Typically, when I've engaged in discussions online in which I disagreed with someone and explain why with facts, the usual response was "I'm not reading all of that", followed by rambling about what an idiot I was. 🤣 If you're not going to bother reading, why bother responding? The conversation is over at that point if you're only interested in hearing yourself talk.

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