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At 32 years old I feel like a totally different person than I did at 18 years old. I dont see the world the same way at all. My question is do you still seem to change as much all the way into your 60s? Im only 32 but I feel quite old and like I've been here for awhile and done alot. When I am double this age I wonder if I will gain alot more wisdom than I already have.

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  • I'm a much different person now,at 51 than I was at 21. I'm depressed and I never want to go anywhere,or do anything anymore. I have different interests now and things bother me more.

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  • Yes. You will walk around thinking how different your life would be if you knew then at 30 what you know now at 50 or 60. As one gets older one realizes that the things we worry about when younger often aren't important at all.

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    • I feel that way now about when I was 21.

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  • im still stupid as ever

    but i say less stupid shit now

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  • Yes, it’s different. I really don’t like middle age.

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  • I don't feel older, except those days when my joints ache. But in general I don't feel old. I do feel wiser. I have learned from my youthful experiences and it made me the person I am today. I look forward to learning more about myself and the world as I grow and change with it.

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