Question for non milennials. would you rather

Which would you prefer? Thanks

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  • I'm not concerned about a person's age, but I do want the person to have a good attitude, and treat me fairly.

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  • I am gen X and chose millenial.

    Some would thing having a younger boss would suck but my experience is they tend to have a little more respect, the whole "Respect your elders" thing.

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  • I really don't give a shit who signs my checks as long as I'm getting tgem. Most my bosses are idiots anyways whom I ignore 90% of the time.

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  • The generation splits that the media have become obsessed with are not as big of a deal as we're told they are. People are just people. Some are assholes, and some aren't.

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  • Why are so many people concerned about the whole "generation" thing?! Like big fuckin deal people! It's stereotypical and childish to categorize things like age! I'm going to tell, or I guess type something here

    Age or what generation you came from does NOT defy maturity! Maybe the situations some people endured have impact. However, just because you're going to egotistically say "I'm older and came from a different generation" THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU'RE MATURE!

    I apologize for this rant, but this irritates me in so many ways.

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  • Whether they're younger or older than me doesn't matter. All I care about are my paychecks and keeping my side of the department the way I like it: clean and fully stocked.

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