Purples leg

Its none of my business but its already out there and Im curious. Hows things going from your surgery?

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  • I got my personal prosthesis last week. Until then, I had been both healing and using a "temporary" one that was using the swollen measurements. Things are going good in the physical health department; or at least as good as they can be. The cancer hasn't appeared anywhere else and the treatments have gone as planned.

    Mentally, I'm exhausted and stressed. As well as frustrated with my inability to properly walk. I'm having to use a wheelchair currently to get around and the next step is using walker. Physical therapy is pretty rough thus far. The small silver lining is that I'm now engaged.

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    • Congratulations on your engagement! :))

      You have a great life ahead of you, and I know that you will master the artificial leg and do very well in life.

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  • Uhh, the only surgery I've ever gotten was wisdom tooth removal

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