Programming with dyscalculia

I have dyscalculia and I am starting with programming, Python language.
I want to work with programming and making websites.
I dont know what my level of dyscalculia is. It was severe when I was a kid (around 10 years old) to the point I didnt know which number had more value when presented with the numbers 50 and 500. Obviously I know that difference now but I can still struggle with larger numbers like confusing 990 for being bigger than 1009 and such so I really have to do double takes a lot if im shopping.
I also nearly got kicked out of high school for being 2 years behind in math, I was 17 at the time.
I also worked in fast food for a short while after high school and whenever I needed to stand behind the cash register it would go very badly as by the end of my shift the sum in the cash register was wrong which I dont know how that works but probably meant I had given people the wrong change. So its not good.

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