Poop globs under toilet seat?

I used to work in a very professional office, and there was a female coworker who left big globs of poop under the toilet seat.

Uhh... how in the hell does one accomplish such a thing? How do you not notice that and not clean it up?

The only thing I could think of is that she did it on purpose. It wasn't smeared -- it was like a big glob stuck there. As if a dog had just pooped.

I wish I was freaking trolling but I'm not

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  • She's probably a "hoverer", which seems more common in female restrooms. The person doesn't want to touch the toilet seat so they hover above the bowl and if they miss it's the next person's problem.

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    • Seems plausible. I'm shocked how one wouldn't be embarrassed and clean it up, especially when there's only 3 women in the office using that restroom

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  • That’s quite a feat, some serious blowback.

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  • she probably did it on purpose to mess with you

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