Please pick a choice about my shit life

Every day I have thoughts of death. Within two hours of waking up every day I will have thoughts pop into my head that say "kill yourself". It is my voice, I'm not schizophrenic or anything. What should I do. I am sick of it. Never a day goes by without the thoughts.

I am so lame it took 5 times trying to submit this post because it hated my title. SOML. The censors probably won't even allow my post through FML.

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  • Do whatever. Though most religions frown upon death by suicide. And if this is it? What are a few floating voices in your head gonna do to stop you?! Get out there and live life.

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    • That's because they make their money through tithing, not because of an edict from God.

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  • Hey!! Don't even think about letting your life go downhill. I'm no therapist and I have barely any experience in life but I can tell you that everything could go better if you will it to be. It's literally all in your mind. Relax, wake up to some beautiful feel-good music, tell yourself how much of a beautiful day it is, compliment someone and just feel good dude! Life is so short; enjoy it instead of taking too much time to pick a title for your post or stress about how lame you are...

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    • You misunderstood. The site blocked my submittal 5 times because my title sucked.

      Having 'I should die' run through my head multiple times within hours of waking kinda puts a damper on 'just be happy' feel good stuff.

      I do CBT so I do do positive thinking but I am really sick of these intrusive thoughts every day.

      It gets tiresome.

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