Pet rabbit biting holes in my clothes

I love my baby but sometimes hes annoying. This morning a hoodie of mine, my FAVORITE, had fallen on the floor just for the short while I was brushing my teeth and of course he hops right up to it and starts biting. Its a loving thing tbf because it has my scent its not like he bites everything, that would be insufferable and also bad since he would be swallowing fabrics, but it still sucks. He also bites my clothes when I hold him if he wants to lick my arms. He gets annoyed when fabric is in the way of my skin so he tries to pull it away and in the process it makes holes. Usually I pull my shirt arm up before that happens but accidents happen. He bit a few holes in a t-shirt this summer but that was fine because I was sick of that t-shirt anyways and looking for a reason to toss it (since i'm a bit of a clothes hoarder lel).
This aint fun though. Is it even possible to fix small holes in a hoodie?

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  • Then get him away from your clothes.

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  • Him hungry boy, him want food. Give 🥬🌱🌿🥕

    P.S: There are lot's of pet rabbit forums on Reddit, Facebook, etc. They should be better at helping you with this then us filthy degenerates. Give him lots of cloth rags & your old clothes you don't want anymore, that should keep him occupied until you figure out how to get him to stop.

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  • My cat has tried to eat my hair when he finds it on the floor. This is not a habit I am fond of, not in the least.

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  • Well one solution here is to become a nudist.

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  • That ain't a hoodie no more, it's a holie

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  • I've used fabric glue on holes in my work clothing with mixed results. Why not try fabric glue?

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  • Good skeet shooting practice. Just get someone to throw them upwards.

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