Personal beliefs

I'm not sure you know this but it's human nature to have personal beliefs of your own.

My personal beliefs are philosophy, science and ideology, I'm a kingist, a betweenist, and a regalologist, meaning I support kings both living or dead, I believe everything is between one thing or another or itself (including man of the genus Homo), and I have a scientific study and knowledge of sovereigns (kings, queens, emperors and empresses).

As it turns out science isn't about one thing but covers all areas of life.

Science is about the natural or physical but my science isn't a physical science, I study non-physical things.

My personal beliefs include that vegetarian diet I made up, such as the belief that a man is healthy without eating bones or flesh or blood of animals, not even humans or persons or man, that one benefits in good health as alkaline digestive enzymes are essential to health, that one eats sagely by eating herbs and avoiding wheat, corn, rice, darnel, and not even eating noodles or pasta, that animals are a non-food and people are foolish enough to eat them.

I'm a food vegetarian (I state animals are not food) rather than a moral one (I don't think it's wrong to eat meat since it's hard to give it up).

The result comes from my self-esteem book in order to think for myself.

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