Perfect eyes in old age?

Assuming with proper glasses or contacts, is it possible to have perfect/good eyes in old age?

Been reading up on iron sights vs. optics on a rifle and see a lot of people complaining about their aging eyes not being able to focus between the different focal points quickly anymore.

Isn’t that what glasses and contacts are for or is this just a stupid question?

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  • Eyesight gets weaker when you age.

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  • Long story short...Many people with eye problems get a red dot or a green dot sight. Like a Sig Romeo or a Holosun. That way your eye doesn't have to adjust for the rear sight, front sight, & the target. You just put the dot on the target and Bingo.

    The reason is the lenses in glasses are distance specific. If you use bifocals the bottom lens is for close up stuff & the upper is for distance. Depending on which lens you're looking thru either the target will be in focus or the sights will be in focus but not both at the same time. It involves moving your head up & down.

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  • Young people are not particularly smart, this post reinforces that observation.

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  • It is possible to have really good eyesight as you age; but that is rare and no one has pinned down why it occurs among the few people that do not have significant eye degradation as they age.

    So, I would not count on it.

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    • Out of all my senses I hope my eyes last the longest. Hearing is mostly figured out so, if I lose it I can always regain it through prothsesis. Eyes is harder as I think the best working robot eyes are mono color 144p eyes.

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  • Not a stupid question but let me tell you from experience that your eye muscles weaken with age and no glasses can correct that. My eyes don't foucus as fast or as well anymore and mu depth perception is diminished to point that I have to reach slowly for something that someone hands me because I'm afraid I'll knock it out if their hand.

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