People who stigmatize the mentally ill

It seems like everywhere I go people make fun of mental illness. Someone everywhere i go always hates me. I told someone I trusted a while ago about my illnesses, and now they wont even talk to me. Sorry if i sound like im bitching, but im just so tired of people doing this.
I have aspergers, PTSD, ADD, depression and possible Borderline Personality Disorder, and im not proud of it. Ive been called stupid, narcassistic, pessimistic, and its true. I know im a fuck up. I know i dont deserve to be here. I know im weak. I already fucking know i should just kill myself! So why cant people just shut up?
I would change in a heartbeat if i could, but everything ive tried has failed. I'm suffering and I just want to die. So why wont they kill me?? I they fucking hate me so much, why not just fucking kill me?!?!!
I'm sorry if I sound rude and sorry for swearing. I just needed to rant to someone.

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  • Nobody is as worthless as you are making yourself out to be.

    We're all different and unique in our own special way. We all get bullied by people. You can react by doing 1 of 2 things:

    1. You can let it beat you, and jump off something high, or
    2. You can rise above it, surround yourself with positive people, and tell the haters that you're proud of who you are and that they can sit on your middle finger and swivel!

    Maybe you're not normal, but who the fuck is? And what kinda coward takes easy pot-shots at someone who's obviously got mental issues to begin with?

    Chin up, and keep taking your meds. Even if you aren't your own idea of perfect, you're someone's idea of perfect. :-)

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  • Killing yourself is never the answer. I hate neurotypicals who demonize people with mental illnesses and infantilize autism too. Society sucks and it's normal to be angry, but don't kill yourself.

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    • Thanks.
      I agree. It’s just gotten to me quite a bit because I hear so much of that crap.

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  • People who stigmatize mentally challenged people are assholes. Mentally challenged people are entitled to love, caring and kindness of others and are 1000 times the people than those douchbags who stigmatize them!

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    • Thank you for understanding. <3

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      • Your welcome :), btw I have ocd, which makes me compulsively repeat some behaviors (e.g. keep checking wheather the door is locked or not, keep turning on/of my pc and stuffs) , but people around me, especially my girl friend are supportive and are helping me get over this. Everyone with a certain mental issue needs supporting people to help them, those who stigmatize them make things worse and are the real assholes out there...

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  • Don't worry, I have OCD and Anxiety and it's horrible. I hate when people make out mentally ill people to be monsters or compare them to animals. I know it's hard to be in your situation but loads of people are there for you. You ARE normal. Really, you're special. :) Mental illnesses are hard, but they are part of you and everything that makes you unique. x

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  • I believe that you shouldn't kill yourself. Also I believe that being aware of your problems is a great step forward and you are on the right track. Also I believe that people don't change anything with such attitudes and it is not wise from them to do so. Given these conclusions of mine, I believe that you are on the right way and they are on the wrong way, so the best course of action is for you to keep improving your life in any possible way and to avoid such people who are wrong, because you seem to be better than them in spite of your condition. So find better people to spend time with where possible, since you seem to be at a higher level, and that's where you probably belong.

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  • Sorry to hear about your difficulties.
    People can be real assholes.

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  • Ppl are afraid of the unknown so they fear mental illness. Not everyone tho, so hang in there.

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  • You can't say you don't "deserve" to be here. You're just as much a part of the universe as anyone else, no matter what form you are in. Now you have become living tissue, and you can look at what you once were. Pretty amazing shit, so ease up and enjoy the ride, even if it's in tiny bits.

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  • Weird. I've been diagnosed with several mental illnesses and usually think I am better than others.

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