People that smoke, smell bad


Don't think that there are a lot of people who smoke realize that they smell bad. It sticks to their hair, skin, and clothes, but when they finally quit smoking; they suddenly realize how bad it was. It's like smelling ass but an unwashed ass that's not been wiped for days after using the toilet. I have family members who smoke and are Honest to god, they smell so bad my nostrils die every time.

this is why as a 30-year-old myself I am glad I am a non-smoker and I do not plan on smoking at all.

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  • While it is painful to admit, because I am a smoker...yes, you are right. I change my clothes at work for scrubs and when my shift is done, I can smell it firsthand from my locker. It doesn't even matter that I shower every day and "only" smoke five fags a day. A nonsmoker can smell it.

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  • Op must be really fun at parties.

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