People spell an easy name incorrectly

So let's say my name is Jane Doe. People will spell "Jane" as Jaine or Jeighn or Jan. That's not Jane. Doe, or in my case more like Doe-schewich, they ask anyway. It's not like my name is Javanah or Jannalica where there would be a mix up. It's plain Jane. And I come across as a plain Jane too!

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  • Hi Jayne I feel your pain, it's like you are cocaine and champagne but the people around you are microwave Chowmain with that stupid cellophane! At least you're not Saddam Hussain that guy was crazy insane, he must of had a loyalty discount on his gas main to keep hold of his reign. I feel I must refrain before I get banned from this domain, I've lost direction like the Rock, I say to him, Dwayne you're more like a baby oil stain in the left side of my brain.

    My name is Sam but everyone always calls me cunt.

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  • Everyone has their own spelling of names nowadays. I use to write it the way I've seen it countless times by other people, but then I come across the, "My name isn't spelled Nicole, it's Nichole with an H, uuuuughhhh." So now even if the name is simple as fuck, like Tim or something, I ask them to spell it just in case I get a Tym.

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  • it could be dyslexia, subtle form of disrespect, carelessness, or just plane lazyness lol.

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  • The question was a tad unclear. If you are asking if it's normal to find the misspellings annoying, then my answer is YES. I have a very common, British / American surname, and I'm often asked how to spell it. So yes, being aggravated is normal (unless you're in Zambia where your name is unusual to the locals). Best wishes

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  • I remember that song.

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  • Maybe the people are just delusional douchbags who think they're being creative?

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