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Parents of IIN, in your experience how old would you say a child is old enough to help out with chores around the house? Should they be rewarded for them and if so in what way?

Kid-free IINormalers, how old were you when you started contributing in your home if at all? What did it teach you?

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  • My 4 year old gets small tasks, cleans up after himself and likes to help me with whatever I’m doing. My 10 year old takes out trash/ recycling/ compost, cleans the litter box, and sometimes I’ll have him vacuum. He’s also expected to clean up after himself and at least rinse off dishes before leaving them in the sink.

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  • Im not sure what age because mine is only 3 but I do make him clean up his toys. I started doing chores around my house around 9 or 10 i think. Started with vacuuming and I got a dollar a day for watering the garden. I saved up to over $100 I was super stoked about saving my money

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    • Teaching your kids to save is one of the most important lessons for a child to receive.

      You dont know how many guys I've seen once they graduated from bootcame to then buy a car immediately because that was the first time they had a grand in the bank.

      Being a super spender will only hamper you throughout life and will kill your finances just as fast as a drug addiction.

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  • Started getting a 5$ allowance a week when I was 7. Just cleaning my room and mowing the lawn.

    Any complaints would be met by the "you get free food and shelter" clause by my parents. Who weren't poor in the slightest. But in hindsight I respect their decision.

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  • Never had a dishwasher- that was our(me and my siblings) job. I started helping with that when I was probably 8 or 9.

    When we got cats, the task of cleaning the litterbox was delegated out as well.

    Those chores were not rewarded in my household. I don't feel like they particularly should have, either.

    The one chore that was rewarded was mowing the lawn. Front lawn got you $5, back lawn got you $10. I feel like the task was hard enough/tedious enough that it definitely deserved a reward.

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  • I wasn't required to do chores or clean up after myself until about middle school.

    Looking back now my parents definitely should have started making me and my siblings do things like that sooner, because now we are grown adults and they hardly take care of their living quarters.

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  • As early as possible no later than 3 or 4. Start with the little things. Picking up toys cleaning up after themselves maybe with help and always with supervision. By 6 or 7 you can start some simple chores.

    Pretty much the way I was raised as well.

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  • I started sorting the laundry at around age 6 or 7. Then started doing the laundry at 10 or so.

    Most of the time the chores in my house were a "You make the mess, you clean the mess." Since I very rarely left my room, that left me with laundry and cleaning the bathroom.

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