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Is it normal that if someone says 'Ring me tomorrow pm' they only mean the afternoon, not the afternoon and the evening as well?

I tried to ring the person in the evening and they didn't pick up or answer my text message. Can't decide if I just don't know the proper definition of 'pm' or if they're messing with semantics in order to avoid having to admit they forgot I was going to call.

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  • Pm means afternoon and doesn't specifically count out the evening, but if it was business related it would likely discount the evening and i suppose personally it could as well. It literally just means not in the morning so whatever.

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  • maybe they thought you were the prime minister

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  • pm just means private message. Sometimes definitions are confusing.

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    • That definition doesn't make sense with what OP's saying. The definition I'd imagine the person was using has to do with time. It's the opposite of am; I suppose you could describe it as hours 12:00-23:59 on a 24-hour clock.

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      • or it could mean that.

        I misunderstood what OP was saying.

        But I guess what they did try to say was probably to message them at around the afternoon/evening and such.

        Yes I realise there's two meanings of PM.

        What you must be referring to might be the case.

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  • If they said call me in the pm I'd call around 3-6.

    If they ment 12pm they would have said noon.

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