Old gf from high school

Is it normal to still be attracted to an old ex from years ago? We went out 10 years ago and started talking again last month. Tomorrow we’re going to meet up in her lunch break and “see what happens” we both know that people may see us but we don’t care.

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  • Connecting with old flames tend to be a horrible idea in my experience.
    Exes are exes for a reason. If she has a boyfriend and is going to go out with you then that says enough about her. She is not a trustworthy person, but you probably aren't either. Sounds like a great idea, nothing could possibly go wrong...

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  • It's rather common to reconnect with very old flames. If you both have learned a few lessons it just might work out this time.

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  • If the two of you had fun in high school, you can start right in having fun again. Eventually, the same problems that caused your break up are guaranteed to surface again. But you will recognize them early, so you can get out early.

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  • I saw the comment where you said she has a boyfriend, and I'll just say this: If she's willing to cheat with you, she'll also be willing to cheat on you.

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  • There you go,
    you can give him a beautiful gift - her cunt full of your cum.

    One time my wife came home and took me to bed, I pulled her panties down, and his cum was all messed in her pubes, wow! that was hot.

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  • Go for it

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  • Sometimes my wife gets together with a fairly significant ex. 'nothing will happen' she says, then comes home with her cunt full of his cum. Tastes great, love it.
    Go for it.

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