Okay for the record is 34 middle aged?

Is 34 middle aged? Not by math I'm talking in general if someone is 34 would you refer to them as "that middle aged woman".

Let's say a 34 year old woman who you don't know is 34 but looks 30-35 ran from a crime scene or something and the cop needed a description would you say "they were a middle aged woman"?

Because on social media whenever a 30-35 year old is having fun or wearing a bikini or something half the comments are saying "you're middle aged stop dressing like that or doing that you're middle aged" and has me so confused. I am 34 people genuinely think I'm 18-21 oldest but I'm half Asian but I don't ever have anyone thinking or calling me middle aged but yet they will outright say 30+ is middle aged online and I don't feel or look old so I'm lost.

To me middle aged in appearance starts late 40s because I have friends in their early to mid 40s who can easily pass for 28 so to me 48+ in appearance overall is middle aged.

What do you think is 34 (my age) middle aged? Celebs near my age: Taylor Swift, Hilary Duff, Lily Collins, Daniel Radcliffe, Elizabeth Olsen, Amanda Bynes, Megan Fox

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  • I don't think middle age starts until about 45 years of age.

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  • Nah, I think late 40s and onwards is firmly middle aged.

    Maybe mid 30s looks middle aged to kids?

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  • Any woman over 25 is going to hear cries of “OOOOOLD!!” by misogynists on social media. Don’t waste your breath defending yourself, all they want is to lower your self esteem and get your attention, just let them scream into the void.

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  • No, it's not middle-aged! I think middle-aged starts somewhere between 40-45. I'm a "fresh" adult, but I would never think of someone in their 30s as middle-aged - they're still pretty young adults.

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  • I turned 37 in July, and lately the phrase "I'm pushing 40" has echoed in my mind. Maybe I will be middle-aged when I am actually 40, but I don't believe 32 is middle-aged. In fact, now that I am 37, I wish I was 32.

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  • I think 34 is still quite young, definitely not middle aged. I agree with Rose that middle age starts at around 45.

    Social media is full of skulls full of mush who don't really know what they're talking about, so I wouldn't take those comments too seriously.

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  • Not really middle aged it's usually between ages 40-60.

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  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle_age
    Middle Aged (according to Wikipedia) refers to people aged 45-60.

    Also, for the record. Objectively, 30 is NOT middle aged. It is young. Not adolescent, or an age of childhood, but still young.

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  • Normal lifespan is 80.

    Middle aged is 40.

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  • Wow! "Middle Age" sure is short lived, most people on here that just said middle age doesn't start until 45 or late fourties have also implied in the past 60+ as old or a senior citizen.

    So does middle age only last 10 or 12 years.

    I guess it depends on what you are applying it to. You mentioned looks. There are a lot of asian and blacks that appear younger than they are. Many Europeans and Hispanics look older by 40 they look 60, so appearance is not a good guage (imo). Life span of late 70s evenly divided by young/middle/old, would put you in middle age about 26/27.

    Most of us don't like that! We change that by optimistic thinking. "I'm going to live until at least 90", so middle age starts later, but split evenly it still starts at 31.

    That also seems to be the more acceptable for all ages. You're no longer referred to as young or youth after thirty and most accept 60/62 as beginning old age or senior. Some Neighborhoods and associations consider 55 as a senior citizen.

    So I guess my short answer is, yep, you are middle aged.

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    • Who said there’s only young/middle/old? That would put 25 year olds in the same age group as a one day old.

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      • Your absolutely right! I clearly stated divided evenly by the three most widely accepted designations, however if you want to add more categories such as infant, teen, just remember seniors are in the same situation. A 55 or 60 yo is in the same category as a 95 or 100 yo.

        If you don't use average life span and let's say use 100 and divide it in to ten year groups 41 to 50 and 51 to 60 becomes your two middle groups. Call them what you want.

        If you use 80 as TC did, he's right 40 is the middle but it doesn't last for just one year. So again use a ten year bracket and it becomes 35 to 45.

        Use two brackets and you move from young to old. 1-40 young 41 on up old.
        Most teens would move that to 30 and above are old.

        So again it comes down to my third paragraph and "depends on what you are applying it to".

        If we're just applying it to looks, I think you could still divide it by probably 4 major factors. Gene pool, environment, up keep, and actions. I've seen 20s that look and act 50, and 40s or 50s that look and act 20.

        Maybe the answer is, " it whenever or whatever you want it to be.

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        • Just my two cents here, but I think minors and adults should be separated before dividing them up further. Minors are already split up into infant/toddler/child/preteen/teen, so I see young/middle/old as describing adulthood. Middle aged follows young adult. If you’re splitting up adulthood into those three brackets, middle aged would be anywhere from 39-59 to 45-67, depending on how many years you’re using.

          If you want to divide up the entire human lifespan, I think your idea of taking 100 years and dividing it up into 20 year segments makes the most sense. Kids 1-20, young adults 21-40, middle aged 41-60, old 61-80, and elderly 81+.

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          • Good argument, however, by using 20 year groups and 100 year life span your putting very few people in your last group. Elderly.

            There are variations, using your 5 groups, and average life span of 80, that could be used as well.

            Eliminate the first 20 then divide the remaining 60 evenly. 15 year groups but that puts middle age starting at 36.

            Divide 80 by the 5 groups evenly. Results in 16 year groups. I kind of like this one because it put 17 as young adult, which I think if you ask most 17-20yo they'd consider themselves young adults. However this would put MA at 33 and old starting at 49. You'll get a lot that won't accept that. I'm okay with it, and most people that say listen to the elderly aren't talking about listening to the 80+ they're normally talking just grandparents.

            A compromise plan I like as well, would be use the 5 groups but use 18 years, I know that extends the life span back up to 90 but may more accurately work. YA starts at 19, MA at 37, OA at 55 and elderly at 73.

            Just thoughts, btw I don't see much over 50 as MA by the time you hit 50 you are well on your way to being old. If retirement planning, savings, and retirement living has started taking up more time than where or what you're going to do with your life, you've entered OA.

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            • A couple quick things to consider:

              If we’re trying to split ages into an even number of years, we can’t be concerned with how many people are in each group, and vice versa. If you want there to be the same number of people in each group, each group would have to get progressively larger as they get older. Which may be a viable way to do it(I’d have to see what those age groupings would actually look like, but I am intrigued by the idea), it’s just a different argument.

              I would also suggest you may be putting too much emphasis on what teens think. You said in another post that teens think 30 and up is old, here you say 17 could be young adult because they consider themselves young adults…but I assure you very few people aged 33/34 and higher consider 33/34 or even 37 to be middle aged. Very few people aged 49/50 consider themselves old. They would also likely say they think young adulthood probably starts at more like 21/22 than 17 or 18. (Fun fact: legal adulthood doesn’t start until 19 in Alabama and several Canadian provinces, and it actually starts at 21 in Mississippi and Puerto Rico.)

              I still think kids should be handled separately from adults, since childhood can and should be split into several categories of its own. That leaves you with adulthood, and I think people who have lived beyond the average human life expectancy probably should have their own special category too, since they’re outliers and it’s such a small number of people that covers such a large age range. It varies widely by country, but that’s about 80/81 in developed nations.

              If you start at 21 and go to 80, that gives you 60 years to divide up, if you use young/middle/old then middle is 41-60.

              You could also use four groups. Dividing 18-81 into four groups would be 18-33, 34-49, 50-65, and 66-81. But if the first group is young adults and the last two are middle age and old, what do you call the 34-49 group? Just adults? Childhood seems to have the same problem; there’s a range between toddler and preteen that doesn’t really have a name besides child, but that can refer to anybody in the bigger group.

              Idk. Societal consensus seems to be middle aged is 45-65 and I’m fine with that…I could see 40-60, but I can’t see it being any younger, at least outside of the view of people who are very young.

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    • 30 isn't middle aged..

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