Odd happenings around the house?

So, for about a month now some relatively weird stuff has happened around my house. It all started when I had couple of friends over, when I first moved in. We had beer cans on a glass table, but while we were talking one of them slid across the table. We all saw it and were rather confused, but laughed it off. Later on, I started hearing annoying noises during the night. (Crumbling, scratching, steps...)

Then my doors started to open on their own. And these events became even worse, stuff flying out of the cabinets during the night. My work room is in the attic, and that's where I spend most of my time, and this is where the cabinets are as well. Being a room with a kitchen after all. There's plenty of more stuff but I'm not going to write more. Just hoping to find if this is 'normal' or maybe someone else has experienced something similar.

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  • Spoooopyyyyy.

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  • Beer cans on a glass table: Condensation at the bottom, pools up, light weight can basically floats

    Crumbling, scratching, steps: Either your pets, you have critters (squirrels, maybe a raccoon), and house settling; If you have drywall walls or ceilings, that's definitely it

    Stuff flying out of the cabinets: Same thing..Either your pets, critters, or, you have field mice; Those little vermin are harmless to you, but, will work their way into food or other boxes until they fall off shelves or cabinets; Get a cat or set some traps; Also look for little, black dropping that look like turds. Because they are.

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  • I'm surprised you felt the need to ask this question. Of course it's perfectly normal for shit to move around for no obvious reason.

    The only thing you have to worry about is whether it's a succubus or an incubus.

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  • spooky ghost

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  • What kind of land is your house built on? Are you near any fault lines? Spooky geology.

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  • Say "Beetlejuice" three times fast.

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