Ocarina of time 3ds no *climb* glitch

The climb and grab functions are both the A key, and to my knowledge, there's no changing that. When you approach a block, it's supposed to switch from grab to climb after a little bit.

I've had issues with this before, but it's not showing climb at all in front of a Shadow Temple block. I can't move forward past this point in the game at all.

I was so irate, that I would've taken nothing but pleasure out of suing the shit out of Nintendo, despite how stupid that would be.

Has this happened to anyone else? Is it fixable? I've tried running at the block, turning off and on the device, ect.

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  • You may need to push the block until it slips into a pocket in the floor. At this point you should be able to walk towards the block and have the command button switch to climb. Been years since I have played but I feel like this may be the solution.

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