Now companies are worried about people coming in sick

Historically, when you tried to call off work because you were puking green, had a virus, some kind of injury, or another crisis (like say family emergency or your town is flooded in nine feet of water) there would often be that boss who would give you hell. Yeah, THAT boss.

Bullshit like -

"What do you MEAN you are sick? What do you MEAN you were hurt and are now in a full body cast and cannot move? Well if you do not come in today, don't bother coming back.
Well my house and car are underwater and I managed to make it to work. We will send a helicopter to come get you.
Your entire family died today? What does that have to do with making it to work? Our new baby was kidnapped by terrorists yesterday but I didn't just call in."

Just total horse shit and assuming you were BS'ing.

But NOW that there is this silly-ass covid 19 thing going, suddenly they are paranoid about sick people going to work. They do not want it spreading. They sure as shit stinks didn't care in the past how others' illnesses might affect others. No, just get your lazy ass to work!

I will be the first to admit this - Unless I am unable to even get out of bed or stand up for more than two minutes, I would still go to work. I have been conditioned that illness and injury are no excuse for missing. Yeah there are paid sick days but I try to save those.

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  • The other day my bosses were questioning everyone asking if we had symptoms, knew people who were sick or had symptoms, and if we were sick. If anyone answered yes, they were sent home. It's weird how things have changed.

    Normally I'm an apathetic asshole, but since the virus can potentially harm my elderly parents and my boyfriend's elderly parents, I take precautions to prevent myself from getting it.

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    • We go through that and get our temps taken. I told them I was tired, lethargic, dizzy and my body hurt. They waved me through. I was then assigned to run a snorkel up to a 5 story gutter system. What a pointless exercise.

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  • Corona virus is an extremely deadly virus and it’s important that we try as hard as possible to protect the more vulnerable members of the community. It’s unethical of your employer to make you come in sick in normal times but now it is extremely dangerous. Stay safe.

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    • Aren’t you the one who keeps posting about letting the elderly die because you’re sick of being stuck at home?

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    • "Corona virus is an extremely deadly virus". A .01-.04% mortality rate is not extremely deadly. Why do people just parrot bullshit instead of thinking critically. Question things you hear on t.v instead of just joining the group think.

      In every other aspect of life, if I told you, you had a greater than 99.99% chance of survival participating in an activity, you wouldn't think twice about doing it.

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  • You shouldn't go to work especially if you're healthy. Jobs are for suckers.

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  • I called out the other day bc my throat hurt. It was just allergies. Lol.

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