Not worrying about what one eats and what one drinks

There's no simple answers to what everyone should eat and drink but Christianity's the worst in freedom of diet, for one thing you don't choose your diet, it's from your culture, for another, I'm this totally different culture who follows junk food elimination etc, and perhaps the liver cleansing diet, and therefore sagely eat the right foods, yet in the third place your religion tells you what to eat, and pretty much antitheism does too, it's the abstention from Godly foods because God is evil, thereore antitheist food's religious food, but it's negative religion, it's an irreligion. I don't anymore hold any beliefs, but I'm a pessimist and a Darwinian, as an antitheist I reject the Christian doctrine of not worrying what I eat and drink, I find that false, I should be careful what I eat and drink, wine should be reserve tawny, food should be healthy food, I should eat healing herbs and chillies, I should eat vegetables, my diet should be 1,323 calories, I should have sugary, not sweetener-based, foods and drinks, less lollies, more chocolate because chocolate's good for you (look it up on the internet), I should be on a diet of just berries at times, I should eat fish and bivalves on the grounds of protein and fatty acids, I should steam my mussels, because the only way I'm going to cook mussels at home is with a relatively expensive steamer, because it's healthy and tasty to steam mussels, frying them isn't a traditional or healthy way to cook them, so to cook bivalves at home I have to steam them. Another thing, I should have caramel white chocolate, fancy chocolate to break the tedium of having regular chocolate. I should eat figs, dates, steamed broccoli, steamed rice, and garnish it with chillies or capsicums.
They only sell red capsicums nowadays and not green, yellow or orange capsicums, the variety in shops has been simplified. I should be able to get foods listed as ingredients in recipes in cookbooks but I can't because they use American, Canadian or British ingredients and not Australian ingredients, Yukon gold potatoes is a Canadian ingredient, you don't get them in Australia, where am I going to get Yukon gold potatoes? The ingredients USA is lucky to have I can't go to an Australian IGA to get them, 1. there's no half and half cream, 2. there's no 2% milk, and 3. soy bacon bits is a rarity in Australia, plus some of these cookbook ingredients are going extinct. That's why I have to worry what I eat and drink, I have to buy local otherwise I could starve getting food mailed from overseas just to have that one ingredient. In order to have soy bacon bits which is rare, I would have to go to the supermarket to get the Primo ones, I used to need it because a vegan cookbook is asking for it in this dish along a variety of dishes that have to use vegan manufactured meat by-products because eating real meat is a sin to a vegan. In all reality I like vegetables and hate meat, so why do I need vegan meats? I don't! It's not a simple uncomplicated process of a precise, specific set of foods I eat, my diet includes chicken depending on how it's served, fish, shellfish, seafood, vegetables, greens, herbs, chillies like I said, nuts, brown rice, artichokes, asparagus, garlic, onions, dates, figs, olives, salad of lettuce and olives in a salt-free, oil-free, vinegar-free dressing of just lemon juice and pepper. That's how you eat healthy food, that's why I have to worry what I eat and drink and anything to the contrary is false.

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  • I read this only to warn other people not to.

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  • The Bible doesn't say you shouldn't watch what you eat it says the opposite. It says you are only allowed to eat things in the ocean with fins and scales, animals with a cloven hoof that chew cud, birds, vegetables and fruit. It calls all other animals "detestable" when talking about eating them. No lobster or crab, no clams, no animals with hoofs that don't part in the middle, basically nothing but fish, cows, deer, pigs, goats, and fruit and vegetables. Idk where you got God says eat literally everything without a care from.

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    • God didn't say that, Jesus frigging Christ said that, contradicting the Old Testament. Since the New Testament isn't accurate, I have the two options to eat Old Testament food or to in my own mode of eating just watch what I eat and drink, I "worry" about these food items the Christopher Hitchens way, by denying the good of a Godly diet.

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