Not all fat people smell

As a fat person myself, I do not smell bad at all. I shower whenever is necessary, use deodorant, change my bedding every week and clean my room. The idea that all fat people smell bad because they are too lazy to shower or can't reach certain places is incorrect. I am not the most flexible person, but I can wash my genitals and butt. not to mention that the belly button is also important to wash as well.

Now when I say I'm fat, I am considered obese. But like I said, not all fat people smell bad.

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  • Why would you stay fat?

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    • Some of us are loosing weight but it takes time. I’m loosing weight but also gaining muscle so my weight doesn’t change so I’m technically fat even though I exercise

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  • i think it's just a weird stereotype that larger people smell worse. it's just people thinking they're overweight because they're lazy and don't take care of themself

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